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    How to repair aluminum alloy doors and Windows off paint?

    How to repair aluminum alloy doors and Windows off paint?


    1, grinding


    Find a cuboid that you can hold in your hand. One of the flat side, with sandpaper wrapped, hand press after polishing. The direction order of polishing plane is: horizontal first then vertical. When grinding, first up and then down, first outside and then inside, the selection of sandpaper is first thick and then fine. The Angle of aluminium alloy door window and modelling and detail place, have to use a hand. The effect of grinding, on the one hand, is to remove the impurities on the original paint and paint surface, on the other hand, is to increase the adhesion of new paint.


    2. Preparation before painting


    After burnish is finished, whether sees aluminum alloy door window to have uneven place, if have, with be bored with child make level, burnish again to level off state. Next aluminum alloy doors and Windows around and the floor to do protection, to prevent paint pollution of these places. Wipe aluminum alloy doors and Windows with a wet towel with little water. Stir bucket paint evenly with a small stick, the movement speed of the hand is not too fast, to prevent splashing.


    3, paint


    When brushing first woodwork paint, attunement primer is a very important working procedure, attunement primer knows the density of woodwork even, those more hard woodwork density is high, primer can attunement a bit sparsely, and soft woodwork primer is about to attunement a bit stickier. When beginning to brush lacquer, the grain besmear that should follow woodwork is brushed even, do not besmear too thick, after waiting for woodwork paint to be completely dry burnish with sandpaper, burnish feels smooth to you, it is ok to do not have protuberance, reoccupy next soft wet cloth is wiped a few times, wipe finally.


    The use of brush coating can make the penetration depth of wood wax oil greater, but also speed up the construction. Brush the 2nd lacquer to be about to attune a bit sparsely, after brushing, can cover the woodwork lacquer that brushes for the first time, follow the direction that brushes lacquer with the water sandpaper of 500 eye above next burnish, burnish should burnish evenly. Using a brush can save the amount of wood paint. Wait until the second paint or the last paint table dry, immediately wipe wooden surface with clean cotton cloth, make wooden surface becomes smooth. Brush the third paint, want to use finer water sandpaper burnish, want to dip in water burnish, burnish intensity wants even, unfavorable overweight also unfavorable too light. There is no need to polish after the last coat of paint, you can apply a layer of aluminum alloy door and window protection wax. Add the number of wipe besmear, and each time finished with fine sandpaper grinding, the last time with a thin wipe and dry table wipe can obtain high-grade aluminum alloy doors and Windows.


    4, paint layer protection


    Usually aluminum alloy doors and Windows in besmear after brushing, should besmear brush varnish, to paint layer protection and brightening. Varnish also brushs a method consistent with paint besmear, paint brushs place to touch lacquer quantity nevertheless every time less, spread out varnish place swings the number of wrist also much again. Varnish recommended at least two times, if there is hair brush off the hair phenomenon, be sure to deal with the hair off in time, pay attention to the varnish only brush aluminum alloy doors and Windows surface not brush inside.

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