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    Aluminum alloy doors and windows specification installation and construction process

    The surface of aluminum alloy after oxidation bright and shiny. Large sash frame can be set with a larger area of the glass, so that adequate indoor light bright, enhance the contrast between the indoor and outdoor real situation, so that the room is more rich level. Aluminum itself is easy to squeeze, cross section of the profile of accurate size, high precision machining. So in the decoration of many owners have chosen to use aluminum doors and windows, the following will introduce to you the standard aluminum alloy doors and windows installation process.

    Installation process: crossed positioning → aluminum alloy doors and windows to install the water spray → anti-corrosion treatment → installation of aluminum windows and doors in place → aluminum window fixed → door window frames and wall clearance treatment → windows and doors and windows and doors installation of glass → installation hardware accessories .

    1, crossed positioning

    (1) According to the design drawings in the windows and doors of the installation location, size and elevation, according to the doors and windows to the center line to measure the edge of the door and window. If the multi-storey or high-rise building, to the top of the door and window edge line, with the line or theodolite line will be led down the edge of the door and window, and in the windows and doors at all levels of crossed mark on the individual not straight mouth should tick tick processing.

    (2) the level of the position of the doors and windows should be to the floor room +50 cm horizontal line subject to the amount of anti-out of the window skin elevation, playing straight line. Each layer must maintain the same level of elevation of the window skin.

    2, aluminum alloy window water installation

    According to the requirements of the construction drawings will be fixed in the aluminum alloy water window, and to ensure the correct location, installation firm.

    3, anti-corrosion treatment

    (1) door window frame around the outer surface of the anti-corrosion treatment design requirements, according to design requirements. If the design is not required, can be painted anti-corrosion coating or paste plastic film for protection, so that cement mortar directly contact with the surface of aluminum doors and windows, resulting in electrochemical reaction, corrosion of aluminum doors and windows.

    (2) Installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows, if the use of connecting iron fixed, the connection iron, fixed parts and other metal parts with the best installation of stainless steel parts. or must be anti-corrosion treatment, in order to avoid electrochemical reaction, corrosion of aluminum doors and windows.

    4, the installation of aluminum doors and windows in place

    According to the designated windows and doors positioning line, the installation of aluminum alloy door frame. And timely adjust the level of the door frame, vertical and diagonal length of quality standards, and then use the temporary fixed wooden wedge.

    5, fixed aluminum doors and windows

    (1) When the wall embedded in the iron, the aluminum alloy doors and windows directly to the iron feet and embedded on the wall of iron welding, the welding to be done anti-rust treatment.

    (2) When the wall is not embedded in iron parts, metal expansion bolts or plastic expansion bolts can be used to fix the aluminum alloy doors and windows to the wall.

    (3) When the wall is not embedded in iron pieces, can also be used to drill in the wall drill 80mm deep, the diameter of 6mm hole, with L-type 80mm × 50mm 6rmn steel. At the long end, apply 108 glue slurry, and then into the hole. To be 108 glue cement final set, and then the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the iron foot and buried 6mm steel welded firmly.

    6, door and window frames and the gap between the walls of the deal

    (1) aluminum doors and windows installed fixed, should be concealed project acceptance, after passing the design requirements in a timely manner according to the door and window frame and the gap between the wall.

    (2) If the design is not required, can be used elastic insulation material or glass wool felt strip layer packing gap, the outer surface of 5 ~ 8mm deep slot slotted embedded caulking ointment or sealant.

    7, door and window fan and the installation of glass doors and windows

    (1) Doors and windows and doors and windows and glass doors and windows in the wall surface decoration should be completed after installation.

    (2) sliding doors and windows installed in the door and window frame fixed, will be equipped with a good glass door and window fan into the box chute, adjust the gap with the fan can be.

    (3) open the doors and windows in the frame and the fan frame assembled on the wall, the installation is fixed and then the safety glass, that is, first to adjust the gap between the good box and fan, and then the glass into the fan and adjust the position, the final inlay seal and Sealant.

    (4) to spring door should be in the door frame and the ground spring to install the host into the ground after the installation of security doors. First, the glass into the door frame and frame into place, adjust the frame fan gap, and finally fill the door glass seal and sealant.

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