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    Note the purchase of steel windows

    Plastic-steel windows and doors be used in the construction of more than a kind of doors and windows structure, and now the market selling plastic steel doors and windows of many manufacturers, then the purchase of steel doors and windows need to pay attention to what?

    1, select the profile

    Taking into account the majority of the current house windows larger, so the thickness of the profile should be selected greater than 2.5 mm, the frame embedded in a special steel lining, lined steel thickness of not less than 1.2 mm, three cavity cavity structure, with closed Of the drainage chamber and isolation chamber, enhanced cavity, so as to ensure the use of windows for decades without distortion.

    2, observe the surface quality

    The surface of the window plastic profile color is green or ivory white, clean, smooth, smooth, large surface without scratches, bumps, welding without open welding, fracture, color white or yellow, indicating the stability of its material composition Not enough, easy to aging yellowing.

    3, look at the glass and hardware

    Glass should be flat, no water lines, the installation of solid; if double glass, sandwich should be no dust and water vapor, do not use non-insulating glass double glass doors and windows. Glass and plastic profiles are not in direct contact with a sealed billet close to the gap. Plastic window of the hardware should be complete, the correct location, the installation of a solid, flexible use.

    4, check the relevant documents

    Be sure to check the doors and windows manufacturers have the local construction committee issued a production license, the product has no certificate and so on. Do not covet cheap, the use of street workshop production of steel windows, its quality and reputation are not guaranteed.

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