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    Steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows of the pinnacle of the war

    Aluminum doors and windows in the early 1980s in China come out, because of its light, corrosion and other unique advantages gradually replace the original steel window by the consumer's favor. Aluminum alloy is made of a variety of metal alloys, with other materials can not match the advantages of light weight and high strength, can be squeezed into the various periods used in a variety of new complex cross-section materials. New patent products color stainless steel bone anti-theft window to overcome the market anti-theft window of the existing poor performance, easy to rust, a single color, cage prison sense of strong shortcomings. Not only colorful and never rust, the internal use of steel components through the standard assembly, by anti-theft performance at the same time more decorative, significantly enhance product quality. But the past two years, the rapid development of domestic steel doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows have a significant impact on the market.

    Some people think that aluminum doors and windows frame thermal conductivity coefficient, adverse heat insulation, and plastic insulation, can save energy. In response to this argument, the China Building Decoration Association of Aluminum Products experts believe that, in fact, the insulation is mainly glass, rather than the window frame material.

    1, sound insulation performance

    According to statistics, plastic-steel windows and doors of the noise performance is much better than aluminum windows and doors. For example: to achieve the same noise requirements of the building, the installation of aluminum doors and windows of the building and the distance between the main roads to be 50 meters away, if the use of steel doors and windows can be shortened to 16 meters.

    2, insulation performance

    Refer to the insulation performance, we need to compare the material from the technical parameters, such as PVC material thermal conductivity of 0.14, while the aluminum alloy was 175. In other words, under the same conditions, the material thermal conductivity, the aluminum material is 1250 times the PVC material. Of course, if made of PVC windows and doors, for energy comparison, it is difficult to generalize. Because the indoor heat loss, usually with the roof, floors, walls and doors and windows. But the research data show that, as ordinary residential, air conditioning, installed plastic doors and windows of the room than aluminum doors and windows installed room to save more than 5 degrees a day.

    3, corrosion resistance

    Plastic doors and windows to acid and alkali and other chemical corrosion, it is not afraid of urban environmental pollution, hydrochloric acid and acid rain erosion. While the aluminum alloy is not, in case of corrosion easily lead to surface oxidation, shorten the service life.

    4, doors and windows of the installation performance and service life

    Plastic doors and windows weight is much lower than the aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also because the overall shape, the installation speed quickly, making the entire work efficiency greatly improved. Service life, the normal life of steel doors and windows 30 to 50 years, lower than aluminum doors and windows.

    5, product style and process performance

    Plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows can be designed according to the design requirements of the production of open-ping, push-pull, hanging and curved windows, nice shape novel. Plastic doors and windows surface can be colored, coated, multi-color coextrusion; aluminum alloy doors and windows can be sprayed surface, electrophoresis, color can also be diversified.

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