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    Aluminum alloy doors and windows are good or steel doors and windows

    Doors and windows, each home decoration are an indispensable part. The doors and windows of the material is also rich and varied, in the decoration process, we will appear difficult to choose this situation. For example, aluminum windows and colorful colors, and plastic window security solid, then the good aluminum alloy doors and windows or plastic doors and windows? Today, Xiao Bian to introduce aluminum doors and windows and plastic doors and windows.

    First, aluminum doors and windows

    The advantages of aluminum doors and windows are rich in color, shape and more; material light, high strength; lighting performance, fire corrosion resistance, long service life; pollution-free, scrap can also be high recycling and reuse. However, due to the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows of precious metals, high thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, poor insulation, energy loss.

    Second, steel doors and windows

    The advantages of plastic doors and windows are beautiful and durable, thermal conductivity is the lowest. In terms of energy saving, far more than wooden windows, bars and aluminum windows, is the most effective means of sealing. ordinary steel prices moderate, economical and practical. High-grade plastic window insulation, anti-aging appearance is not easy to deformation.

    However, due to the lack of supporting the use of high-quality hardware, resulting in the current high-grade profiles supporting low-grade hardware discordant state, so sealing, security, security and ventilation quality is not satisfactory. In addition, the plastic can not be degraded, abandoned plastic steel windows difficult to deal with, adverse environmental protection; gap rust, noise slightly worse, ordinary steel windows easily deformed, such as high-end imports of expensive, thousand dollars per square meter.

    Third, good aluminum alloy doors and windows or plastic doors and windows is good

    1, wind pressure strength and watertight performance

    Plastic window due to the material strength and rigidity is low, although after processing lining steel enhanced, but its wind pressure and watertight performance than aluminum window low about two grades. Moreover, because the plastic steel window lining steel is not in the shape of the corners of the cavity connected into a complete frame system, window frame, fan and T-junction plastic welding angle is relatively low intensity.

    2, deformation and expansion problems

    Plastic windows are susceptible to thermal deformation, cold brittle case, the size and shape stability is poor, often need to use the rigidity of the glass to prevent deformation of the window frame. The aluminum alloy with high temperature, easy to deformation and so on.

    3, airtight performance

    As the frame of the steel window is welded, the airtightness of the steel window is slightly better than that of the aluminum window of the screw, but the aluminum window profile has high dimensional accuracy, and the frame and the fan are more tightly, so the two are still in one Level.

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