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      Gansu Dayang energy-saving building materials limited company (Gansu ocean Ltd.) founded in 1993, its predecessor is Lanzhou the Yanghe River aluminum doors and windows Co., early in the production of steel doors, steel doors and windows, doors and windows Aluminum Alloy. With the progress of society and development of the industry, our perseverance, keep pace with the times, gradually developed into a set design, production, installation as one of professional enterprises building doors and windows. In 2002, the company changed its name to Gansu Dayang doors and windows Co., Ltd., is the doors and windows Association and Quality Association member units. Company in 2006 through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management certification system certification, with doors and windows installation qualification. In 2015, the company invested more than 2000 yuan to purchase and build factories, in Gaolan County of Lanzhou City, nine new town nine glass doors and windows industrial park built 6000 square meters standard factory building, office building area of 4000 square meters of a building. Gansu Dayang energy saving building material Co., ltd..

      The company since its inception, the spirit of "hard work, enterprising, dedication," the spirit of enterprise, committed to the introduction of advanced technology and application and improve the quality of the staff, has completed the introduction of plastic steel doors and windows, doors and windows Aluminum Alloy high-grade production line production line and hollow glass production line equipment, a total investment of Wu Bai million, annual production the doors and windows with two hundred thousand square meters of production capacity. The production line equipment, advanced technology, complete management system and procedure strictly, strong technical force, able to produce a stable quality building doors and windows products of various types and various grades in accordance with national and industry standards, and provide perfect customer service service.

      Through practice, training and marketing experience, created a team of experienced and proficient, strong sense of responsibility of the staff, the introduction of computer aided design, production process and production management, product quality and production efficiency improvement. Through sincere cooperation with customers, to complete the good doors and windows of large engineering, the role for the whole project of customers, also won the satisfaction and trust of customers.

      The company's main products are: various types of plastic steel doors and windows, doors and windows of various types of Aluminum Alloy.

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